LLT project progress: Issue the product within a year?

2017/12/18     LLT

On January 9, the official website of GooodCoin, a well-known trading platform, officially announced that it will go online at 5 a.m. on February 1, and will start trading and withdrawal. More details can be found on Google's website http://gooodcoin.com/.

Block chain is one of the most popular technologies at present. Its transparency, untampering and decentralization have attracted wide attention due to the success of bitcoin.

Countries, large enterprises and financial institutions have carried out relevant researches. The internal incubation of BAT, the continuous admission of investment institutions and the positive recommendation of big V have greatly enhanced the popularity of block chain technology. The block chain will change the economic order in all directions.

The broad application of technology and the rapid development of a matching financial and business system support: apple will not be born in Pyongyang, nor will there be a venture capital system or BAT today.

The appropriate economic system can better help the development and promotion of technology, and thus promote the progress of the whole society.

Diverse currency circulation ecosystem is to establish a set of decentralized counterpoising truly mode, joint account through each node , to protect digital asset transfer’s unique legitimacy , don't rely on the offline traditional third party, is a kind of low cost of credit system. In financial services, BlockChain by encrypting currency, intelligent participation mechanism, contract and agreement will be evolved into the traditional financial and legal system of decentralized autonomous system, promoting financial business running in full diversification and decentralized way, implement the financial business subject, financial products and financial infrastructure and so on each link of the large-scale system collaboration.

LLT chain combine the entertainment casino, mobile financial, tourism and leisure, and other industries step by step based on BlockChain technology of integral system upgrade traditional integral liquidity, security, try to integral consumer electronics, such as lottery betting entertainment online gaming entertainment services spread slowly , it is committed to building industry alliance ecosystem, issuing and trading of digital assets and management, realize the exchange swaps between different digital assets, liquidity, to take more value for all parties.

Diverse currency circulation ecosystem gambling game based on the cloud platform, collecting video, lottery betting online gaming entertainment projects, building security trusted open gaming service, committed to build an internet betting services which in line with the online gaming market demand, and worthy of sports fans trust .

It aslo joint with a Las Vegas casino, the Venetian Macao resort hotel etc, introduced a casino entertainment application solutions, and construct a powerful online and offline sports lottery betting with strength , collect all kinds of sporting events in the world and provides various style choice for player, customized for each player, able to meet the players' sports view and admire and betting preferences as the goal of global gaming bets.

In order to optimize the user experience, use the advanced mobile technology, focus on the demands of users, in the pioneering offline casinos service,at the same time, LLT chain perfecting tourism scene wisdom, joint Las Vegas casino, the Venetian Macao resort hotel and many forces offers deluxe suites, themes shopping centers, restaurants, performance hall, gymnasium, playground, golf course and large-scale gambling, exhibition, shopping, sports, variety and recreational facilities, to promote the rapid development of leisure tourism market.

LLT chain mobile financial particularly emphasis on the strain capacity of financial market, Through the powerful mobile Internet technology, and intelligent data analysis, LLT chain response to any change in the financial markets instantly. With reports of risk monitoring, risk response plan, intelligent investment strategy combination plan, global financial services, such as intelligent finance form to help users in the face of the surging wave of Internet financial. The strong combination of mobile Internet and finance has realized the innovation of financial products and services.

LLT provides the ability of digital assets, scene that can develop the issuance of assets management rapidly, realization of assets exchange, precision marketing through data intelligent analysis , improve the overall marketing value, user precision marketing, create more business value.

LLT has successfully built the ecological chain based on the center of gambling entertainment, mobile financial casino, leisure and entertainment , which encompasses gambling, exhibition, shopping, sports, variety and mobile, mobile banking, stock funds and other financial investment service,develops reasonably and sustainably

Of course, LLT chain won’t satisfiy with it. In the near future, LLT will continue to radiate to the four industries and join the food city, theme parks, water world and other life services to meet the various entertainment needs of all levels of life. LLT chain ecosystem won’t stop to develop, improve and expand its influence, and construct an innovative and rapided mobile Internet culture.

We believe that the development of LLT will be used in all aspects of life, which will make you feeling the charming of Block Chain mobile service!