The gass white paper sales plan was launched

2017/3/20     LLT

The sales plan for the "Diverse Currency Circulation Ecosystem White Book" was released With the development of block chain technology, this year, the actual application of block chain has realized rapidly, and the application scene has been continuously expanded. The cooperation field involves digital assets, mutual insurance, supply chain finance and so on. On March 20, 2017, the "Diverse Currency Circulation Ecosystem White Book" officially launched and plan to sell. The white paper mainly introduced the product structure, technical features and advantages of LLT, and the industrial application cases.

The core value of block chain lies in the construction of a trusted multi-center system, which insiders believe is the potential for building a value Internet infrastructure in the future. It is said that in-depth exploration blocks in the industry chain on the basis of the application scenarios of cloth than the company is committed to create enterprise block chain products and provide solutions to industry, has developed a high performance, high extensible block chain infrastructure services platform, have the ability to quickly build upper application business, satisfy the large number of users of the application scenario.

Currently, LLT has seized the attention of the many person, the technology has been applied to digital assets, trade finance, equity bond, supply chain traceability, joint credit, public notary, Internet sharing, data security and other fields.

We hope that by constructing LLT block chain ecosystem, to build real decentralized gambling game, mobile financial casino, leisure keeping in good health, entertainment, shopping center, holiday tourism integration of entertainment city ecosystem, this ecosystem by connecting LLT effectively, make your entertainment is more comfortable, comprehensive and convenient.

Of course, LLT will also expand the extension of demand of customers more deeply, to create the most perfect most reasonable and comprehensive ecosystem entertainment, to save the existing Internet financial ecology, to block chain and various industries to bring more iconic solutions.