In the time of digital assets, LLT is moving forward

2017-3-16     LLT

In the last two years, from silicon valley to Wall Street, from Beijing zhongguancun to Shanghai Lujiazui, from the traditional financial industry to the Internet industry... block chain has become a hot topic of discussion Globally.

More and more companies are getting into the block chain and become more popular, and LLT was born at the right moment as a result.

Build an asset network platform and go ahead stably

In April 2017, LLT is officially established in southeast Asia. The chain is committed to a block chain asset network in the beginning, and the concept of "free circulation of assets and the use of digital protection" has been running through the development of the chain.

For more than a year, LLT has been focused on this concept, dedicated to providing scenario-based service support for the user, and providing a platform for collaboration among agencies.

In September 2017, the digital asset platform of LLT block chain was officially launched. Platform has already successfully access and operate the business integration, game, electronic coupons, shadowing the insurance card list, securitised assets, mutual insurance industries and in the field of multiple applications, cumulative number of users has reached to 13.21 million, the highest volume of more than 3.9 million for a week.

As the world's first digital asset network with actual application, LLT has more than billions of assets circulating in the asset network. Therefor, the block chain is being developed in the wave of innovation.

We should cooperate in various fields to promote free flow of assets.

As open chain network, block chain’s core is based on trust, and on the basis of block chain technology safeguard, except the basic data need to be publicity, setting up trading platform between agencies, realizing free flow of the assets will be an indispensable pattern in the future.

Based on block chain technology of integral system,LLT upgrade traditional integral liquidity, security, try to expend electronics game with integral, such as lottery betting online entertainment gaming entertainment services spread slowly, joint entertainment casino, mobile financial, tourism and leisure, and other industries step by step, it is committed to building industry alliance ecosystem, issuing、trading and management the digital assets , realize the exchange,liquidity between different digital asset, taking more value for all parties.

Gambling game, chain based on the cloud platform, video, online gaming entertainment projects, building security trusted open gaming services such as lottery betting, it is committed to building Internet betting services which in line with the online gaming market demand, and worthy of sports fans trust .And via joint with a Las Vegas casino, the Venetian Macao resort hotel,it launched a casino entertainment application solutions, and construct a powerful network online and offline sports lottery betting with strong strength, trap all kinds of sports project around the world and provide more diversification gameplay options, as the goal of global gaming bets which can customized for each player, able to meet the players' sports view and admire and betting preferences.

To optimize user’s experience, using the advanced mobile technology, with demand as the center, in the developing of offline casino service, LLT improve wisdom chain travel scene constantly at the same time , joint Las Vegas casino, the Venetian Macao resort hotel and various power resources to provide deluxe suites, themes shopping centers, restaurants, performance hall, gymnasium, playground, golf course such as large-scale gambling, exhibition, shopping, sports, variety and recreational facilities, to promote the rapid development of leisure tourism market.


LLT mobile financial particularly emphasis on the strain capacity for financial market, through the powerful mobile Internet technology, and intelligent data analysis, response to any change in the financial markets instantly, with reports of risk monitoring, risk response plan, intelligent investment strategy combination plan, intelligent material, global financial services to help users when they are face the problem of the Internet financial. The strong combination of mobile Internet and finance has realized the innovation of financial products and services.

LLT provides the ability of digital assets, scene can rapid issuance of assets under management, realization of assets exchange, through data precision marketing intelligence analysis, to promote the overall marketing value, with precision marketing, create more value.

At present, LLT has been successfully constructed the ecological chain by gambling entertainment, mobile financial casino, leisure and entertainment as it’s center area , which covers the gambling, exhibition, shopping, sports, variety and mobile material, mobile banking, stock funds and other investment service, developing reasonable and sustainable.

Of course, LLT is not only satisfied with this, in the near future, will continue to surround ti four big industry, join the cinemas, theme music, sea world and service life etc, meet the demand of life at all levels of all kinds of entertainment, LLT ecosystem will never stop to develop, improve and expand its sphere of influence, and constructing innovation, rapid mobile Internet culture.

In the future, a multicenter, free circulation, Shared data block chain network, will gradually restore to the existing Internet applications and traditional industry, a new "application block chain +" era is coming. LLT would be a digital assets ecosystem created and maintained by common , before that, LLT will continue to striving, let the ecosystem to be realized soon.