LLT has won three major awards, including the top ten application technologies for China block chain in 2017

2017/9/17     LLT

On September 17, 2017 by the national development and reform commission of the China's strategic emerging industries "magazine, the financial times, China central television (CCTV) presentation of securities information" dialogue star brand "group, institute of China academy of management science, industry and other relevant units, jointly organized the second China national strategic emerging industries Beijing BBS and 2017" the most competitive brand "TV festival activities in Beijing lake yanxi (APEC) international conference and exhibition center.

By the values of "innovation breakthrough, focus and persistence, and create value" of values, down-to-earth, silent and cultivated, four years later,LLT finally won the recognition award in the chain of blocks application project after four years great efforts.

Thomas Daly, the founder of LLT, was elected "China's new economic leader of the year 2017" At the same time, the chain project founder,Thomas Daly was known as “ block chain, the senior researcher “by industry development research institute of China management science research institute, he is fully affirmed by many industry experts and peers in the meeting. I hope that the team of LLT will keep the original intention and strive forward with this honor. We will create more value for society by "technology + dream"!

The BBS with "innovation, sharing, lead, cross" as the theme of the event, the tenth session of the standing committee of National People's Congress Jiang Zhenghua, the tenth monti counselor of the state council, vice President of the national committee of the ministry of agriculture, former vice minister of the Yin chengjie, vice President of nine national federation of industry and journey, the former deputy minister of railway, Lin, director of the national school of administration laboratory Ding Mao, famous brand strategy expert, China policy network editor-in-chief, research association, vice President of the Chinese wisdom through, the people's bank of China told the financial times club President early zhong xing, the national development and reform commission of the China's strategic emerging industries "magazine editor in chief Zhu Yongqi etc. More than 500 entrepreneurs to attend, around the" a new generation of information technology, high-end manufacturing, biology, green low carbon, digital creative "how the five pillar industries from" Cultivate "to" grow ", in the field of a broader, deeper formation to become a large number of cross-border integration of new growth point of industrial development, seize the important strategic opportunities for development, conquers the highest position in the world science and technology innovation and industrial transformation and upgrading, etc.Conference aimed at promoting strategic emerging industry administration, production, study and research, in harmony, with combination of around service strategic emerging industry faster and better development target, boost the development of the strategic emerging industry enterprises.

LLT is to establish a set of decentralized counterpoising truly mode, through each node joint account, the only legitimacy to protect digital asset transfer, don't rely on the traditional offline third party, is a kind of low cost of credit system. In financial services, block chain by encrypting currency, intelligent participation mechanism, contract and agreement will be evolved into the traditional financial and legal system of decentralized autonomous system, promoting financial business running in full diversification and decentralized way, implement the financial business subject, financial products and financial infrastructure and so on each link of the large-scale system collaboration. Its advanced business model and P2P technology have verified and accumulated tens of millions of users through the customer's market. Through the integration of the block chain technology, it is upgraded to "the first global community based on block chain".