DCE wallet - the tradable block chain digital asset wallet is officially launched.

2018/02/05     DCE

After the successful conclusion of the Malaysia summit, DCE is fully open again, with a big bang to launch the tradable digital asset wallet,DCE wallet, so that your transaction can be found anywhere, anytime, anywhere.

DCE wallet is a free digital wallet with transaction and storage functions.At one end, it connects the offer content of the otc platform, the other end connects the multi-signature wallet technology, and USES the multi-server data backup to ensure the security of the user's assets.Silver DCE wallet not only as a grounding gas can be used in the actual transaction scenario of digital assets stored wallet, but also to provide users with a new digital assets offer content access platform, using depth algorithm digs out the scene of the transaction and service demand, improve the mobile end user transaction time cost and transaction efficiency.

Highlights of DCE wallet.

Support multiple currency transceivers.

Currently, you can manage multiple currencies of BTC, ETH, LTC, and BCH through a DCE wallet, and you can also buy and sell digital assets directly with traders around the world through the DCE wallet.

Lightning archived

There is no charge and no charge.

KYC real-name authentication.

After the registration, the user must pass the id card and the real name of the hand held photo to carry out the transaction, ensure the requirements of the global regulatory agency and guarantee the security of the fund.

Immediate transaction response

Once the buyer or seller initiates the transaction request, you can make a quick response through the APP, master the trading rhythm, and win the whole game!

At present, DCE wallet has completed the development of IOS and Android system products, and users can access the website of DCE to download the APP download interface.