Notice about the DCE wallet and its service function.

2018/02/10     DCE

Dear DCE users:

Hello!Thank you for your long-term support and attention to DCE!

In order to provide you with better quality to the security and stability of the assets, more effectively promote the development of ecosystem, chain, chain, the only designated official purse, wallet, chain has been officially launched, DCE wallet will be the only way to store and use, all unregistered users, please register in the chain of DCE's official website to download.

DCE is now a strong hit, the advantage of using block chain, will add chain using bonuses, promotion incentives, the entity industry application combined into an organic whole, create new and unique, sustainable development of ecosystem, chain.

DCE wide range of application scenarios, to create a more convenient and safe trading environment, DCE wallet only provide chain store, transfer and spending on services, have bought, chain user complete after registration, the wallet system will be the same amount of chain to the purse.

DCE team is very grateful for the support of the majority of users, and we welcome you to download and use your wallet.

We will continue to put security and user experience first and provide you with safe, convenient and high-quality services.

Tips: DCE wallet is the only official wallet in the DCE. Download the address: