Block chain + digital economy: historical opportunities under the great potential of times

2017/12/6     DCE

On December 6, the fourth world Internet conference concluded in wuzhen, zhejiang province. During the conference, invited from international governments, international organizations and non-governmental organizations, enterprises, technology community Internet leader, around the digital economy and cutting-edge technology, has carried on the deep discussion and communication.

Developing the digital economy has become the mainstream of the conference

It is said that China's digital economy reach up to 22.4 trillion in 2016 0nly, the digital economy of the country's GDP contribution rate reached 30.1%, and keep the world's fastest almost annual average growth rate, the digital economy is driving China's economic transformation and upgrading.

Peace and stability in the social environment and the rapid economic development is one of the main demands of people to pursue development, and the digital economy as a new kind of economic and social development after the agricultural economy, industrial economy form, will promote the overall social and economic development at present stage. In the future, with the large-scale application of new technologies such as artificial intelligence and Internet of things, the digital economy will not only grow into a huge emerging industry with great potential, but also become a new driver of global economic development.

The block chain growing rapidly and help the digital economy developing

Under the fast-paced and creative time atmosphere, the digital economy is coming on to us like a hot soup.

In the conference, China, Laos, Thailand, Turkey, united Arab emirates, Saudi Arabia, Serbia and other countries related departments jointly launched the "One Belt and One Road" digital economy international cooperation initiative, marked the "One Belt and One Road" digital economy opened a new chapter of cooperation, and the digital economy will become the mainstream of the social development in the future.

In the future, as the degree of digitization deepens, our cars, houses, and all of our valuable assets can be converted into digital assets. By then, the technical system that can support the free flow of these digital assets will become "Mr. Key", which will become the core foundation of these digital assets circulation, trading and value interconnection.

Who is this "Mr. Key"? And how does it support the digital economy developing? Looking around the world, we find that the present "Mr. Key" is shining and charming in the center of the world with its unique ability.

In December 2015, the securities and exchange commission approved the issuance of its own shares through the bitcoin block chain.

In February 2016, the bank of Korea offered to encourage exploration of block chain technology in its report.

At the end of 2016, the block chain was incorporated into the 13th five-year plan by our government.

In southeast Asia, a new trend is trying to use block chain technology to rewrite people's lives.

Obviously, this is "Mr. Key"-block chain. Information asymmetry, high transaction cost, this is the mobile Internet era, the difficult problem we can not solve, is also a barrier for the development of the digital economy. As the underlying technology of bitcoin, block chain relies on its unique distributed data storage structure, which has the core advantages of decentralization, openness and self-understanding. In the chain of blocks of the new data system, so as to protect the safety and transparency of the information, it appears to the development of the digital economy has a positive role in promoting, also gives unlimited imagination to us in the future .

DCE: let digital assets flow freely

Block chain is the cornerstone of information Internet change into the development of value Internet, and it has a positive effect on promoting the flow of digital economy and future social development. At the fourth world Internet conference in wu zhen, the theme of developing the digital economy will reveal the new height of the block chain.

DCE is one of the leading Chinese block chain financial technology companies and is one of the invited exhibitors. At present, DCE has developed high extensible high performance high controllable basic block chain service platform, is widely used in digital assets, trade finance, supply chain trace ability, public notary, data security and other fields.

It is believed that with the deepening and development of new technologies such as block chain, the digital economy will experience in a rapid development period and become the new kinetic energy of global economic development.

In January 2018, the white paper and platform will be held in southeast Asia and Thailand and will invite various communities to explore the application of block chain technology in various industries.